Monday, 17 April 2017

Outback progress

A little more progress on the Outback Goods shed tonight. This sudden modelling surge has been spurred on by the nice quality of the kit and also by my son advising me that the average time spent watching television by the time you reach the age of 80 could be 9 years ! So the TV is off and I've made some more detailing to the Goods shed. The paper has been tidied up a little. The pictures don't show this but experimenting with the Pritt Stick has enabled me to finish off loose joints by liberal application of the Pritt stick to the outside of the paper and pressing home firmly.
I've also added the vent brick surround on the North exit of the goods shed. As far as I could see this was not a printed detail of brick work in the kit. To work around that I've photocopied the brick sorround from the Phillps book and used crayons to replicate , as best I can , the look of the brickwork elsewhere on the model. I guess it shows how well this kit matches the dimensions of the drawings in Phillips book but the fit was perfect. A little orange crayon added to the inside of the brick sorround by the vent completed the finish. More use of crayons added subtle weathering to any doors and again use of the orange crayon disguised any white paper showing on the items cut out and added such as door lintels. It's all very experimental for me using card and paper but I'm beginning to see its more user friendly than plastic.
The roof has been added however using plasticard instead of the printed sheets as this to me gives a better impression of tiling . The first coat of paint has been applied using Pheonix Precision P952 light brick red. Individual tiles still to be picked out in various acrylics and weathering still to be done. As said this is just the first basic application.
Wood floor boards ( scale scenes ) have applied to the interior good platform and again weathered with brown crayons. Scale scenes was also used for the concrete rendering as applied to the South entrance side of the goods shed. Much yet to do but progress is being made.

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