Friday, 28 October 2016

The one with electricals, doors , spiders and thinking

It's been a long while since I provided any updates and I'm now pleased to share some modelling on the engine shed. The Summer came and went and my modelling enthusiasm did the same . Anyway, with modelling Mojo restored I can share a little modest progress.
The doors have now been fixed along with very tiny hinges made of paper. The electrical connections to the North side of the engine shed as well as the roof batons ( that are just visible just below the corrugated roofing have been added. The jury is out as to whether these electrical connections were for telephone connection. The batons however still need  painting green . The area still requires ballasting , weathering and some enamel adverts applied as well as simple interior details like oil drums, cans , spiders and general accumulation of typical engine shed detritus.
In an effort to allow the module to be removable you can clearly see the holes for the screws that will enable me to remove the whole structure for any transportation or safe keeping. However I did not allow sufficient space for the door stops in doing so. So these are a little too close for comfort but it will have to be. The roof is just loose at the moment ( hence the scale 6 inch gaps) while I think over how to make this roof removable in case of any derailment inside ( caused by wandering spiders etc. ) . Now that thinking requires over with a) a beer and b ) another beer. Isn't thinking great ?