Friday, 9 May 2014

Track plan

I am very pleased that through the approval and courtesy of The Railway Modeller I can share a rather nice track plan of Lynton station as shown in their June 2013 magazine . This is the layout of the station as modified from its original configuration pre Southern ownership days and is how my layout is modelled.
The difference is that, although the track plan was altered pre -Southern  days, most of the buildings on my model will be in their unaltered state. After Southern ownership, the station building was enlarged (circa 1927 ) and eventually a Station Masters bungalow was built (circa 1931 ) on the slight rise of the hillside opposite the station as shown in the plan . The signal box was a later addition early in 1925 in a typical Southern ground frame style. The goods shed and coal shed remained unaltered during the life of the railway aside from repainting of course.
The engine shed was enlarged circa 1909 by a 10' extension. Unfortunately my model of the engine shed  is modelled as pre- 1909 , before this  extension was built and could date my layout. It's unfortunate  as now I wish to model post  Southern ownership and pre -1927. This time period enables me to run Southern livery as well as independent livery stock as it was a while before all rolling stock was repainted into the Southern style. Oh well ..I'll just have to ignore such historical details as the engine shed is now made and I don't wish to make another ! - however  an Australian company " Outback models " might have the solution in their forthcoming kits. Let's see in time.

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