Friday, 30 May 2014

Location, location , location .

Lynton station was quite dramatically set on a hillside. I've never seen any model of the station convey this sense of location except in the case of a model by Brian Taylor. This almost micro model of the station captures it's location as viewed from the hillside above. The hand painted backscene really works well I feel .
The location was indeed very dramatic I'm sure for the passengers alighting form the train . To capture this feel I'm having a re - think ( yes it happens doesn't it) on how my layout should exit from the station. As viewed from this photograph and capturing the station on the hillside with the line dissappearing behind  as per the the actual rather than coming around the front - stage left as it were - is now how I think I should re-model the last board.
A photograph from the same hillside again shows what a view passengers had. Trouble was they also then realised just how far away the station was from their actual lodgings - yes they had to walk ! 

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