Monday, 21 March 2016


Well... It has been a while since the last post on this blog. I've been thinking.......

 I was not very happy with my efforts to reproduce the look of the engine shed stone walls through the use of acrylics and enamels. I was beginning to loose momentum and dreading the thought of trying to replicate the same effect on all my model buildings. How long would this take me to just paint a few buildings whose finished look would be, well, less than desired? A new , quick and more realistic effect was required. Life is too short.
      Only a few years ago modellers " brick paper " was not of a very high quality. These days however the paper effect is much better. Photo-realism can be achieved by taking pictures of real prototypes and using the computer whole sheets of suitable stone or brick paper, doors windows etc. can be created with results far superior to my eye.
In my case the engine shed does not exist to take such pictures but I had recently bought the Outback Lynton  Station kits which, on closer inspection, included some very nice printed stone walls for the engine shed. Of course they were exactly the right size as well. Bonus !
So without too much trouble the engine shed walls were pasted with a very thin dilute wash of PVA glue and the stone print from the Outback kits pasted on. The external detailing had to be re done but a small price for the benefit gained I think. The new look can be compared here below against the acrylic painted original.
The rusty corrugated iron roof is not yet finished as this still requires the roof vents and the capping but was created in this case using Scale Scenes paper. Scales scenes can be downloaded from the website and reprinted as many times as you like once purchased .