Thursday, 12 March 2015

Lynton lamp huts update

The Lamp huts have had a little more attention with the addition of signs and the roof now painted black. As with the Signal cabin, the lamp huts will have a plastic base to make removal from the layout easier . Each sign has a different origin. Originally I intended to use Narrow Planet etched plates for the lamp sign and the SR warning sign. In the end the lamp sign was made by photocopy onto plastic card as the etched versions were not clear enough. The representation  of the enamel sign to the right hand side is from the internet printed onto glossy card. My thanks go to a fellow L&B modeller Mike Bayly for that . 

Lynton Station running in board

I've had an attempt at making a much more pro typical running in board. I've used the new Dart Castings Southern style concrete posts which are exactly the right dimensions. Using a photograph of the actual running in board at the Exmoor museum has enabled me to reduce the original to the size required for the Dart casting white metal sign.
Quite nice really when you think it's the actual signage as seen by the real passengers all those years ago. Well I think so ...

Sunday, 8 March 2015

Lynton Station Building update

I've spent a little time re doing the tops of the chimney stacks to accommodate the 3-D printed chimney pots recently received. This is very much work in progress and too close a scrutiny of the pictures will highlight areas I wish to rectify. 
However I'm quite  pleased so far with the progress. A definite improvement to the look of the station building .
Another job I've been putting off for some time is the strange boxed out area next to the Gentleman's toilets. My Lynton Station is of the pre 1927 Southern Railways extended version. This crude wooden extension was made In front of these toilets in1905 . Until recent times and the publication Measured and Drawn, it was not clear to me how this extension was built and it's exact dimensions . Referring to the book , Measured and Drawn I set about construction of the simple wooden extension. However on this occasion it seems the normally reliable reference book might indeed be slightly incorrect. Examining what photographs I have does seem to show a slightly different layout of this extension to that shown in the book.   By the time I'd realised this discrepancy it was too late . So below are some pictures of the wooden extension in progress. It seems it was quite a cheap fix by the Railway at the time to create more space and this is  shown by the crude nature of my  model .