Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Peco coaches

Thank you Peco! This company needs a medal for taking the risk of producing coaches in 4mm scale for the  narrow gauge modeller .What luck that they decide ( AKA marketing research ) that the chosen prototypes will be Lynton and Barnstaple. Having produced coaches in Southern Livery attention of this English company has turned to producing these exquisite models of the pre grouping era. Coaches 5 and 15.I have just started to paint in extra details to these coaches and when complete will post but here they are in packaging and on view.

Sunday, 27 April 2014

The goods shed

Lynton station had a very "pleasing to the eye " goods shed. I have modelled mine,as with all my buildings by using mounting board card faced with random stone plasticard. The model still needs finishing but for now here are some pictures in its part finished state. The roof is removable to enable me to add interior detail. One thing I need to consider is the colour of the woodwork. I don't believe I've painted the Station building in the right colour scheme for the mid to late 1920's and this will require some research .
The woodwork as you can see is still in grey primer and the stonework still requires more work.

Saturday, 26 April 2014

Going Loopy

One of my aims in rebuilding Lynton Station is to have a control panel at the front of the layout whilst keeping the control panel at the rear.Options you see! I'm not blessed with a great deal of natural electrical know how but I guess nobody is - apparently it's learnt. So armed only with a great deal of enthusiasm and not much else ( well useful cups of tea) , the end result is what to me looks like a wiring loop for a BT substation. And after last weekends efforts , it doesn't work - yet! But as ever I am not going to be downhearted.

Thursday, 24 April 2014

Exe in pre 1923 livery - first run

Engine shed

The next building of circa 15 years of age is the engine shed shown here out of its usual position on the layout for ease of viewing sides. Made of card with plasticard outer . It has brass wire passing around the inside to enable the shed to be inserted into the layout base. So please excuse its position here as it is not in its final place - Also some final wood painting is required . 

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Lynton station in the Press!

Well not this Lynton Station model but the excellent model by Chris Walker in 16 mm. The latest issue of Narrow Gauge and Industrial Review explains how the late Henry Holdsworths 16 mm scale Lynton  and Barnstaple  models were rescued and incorporated into a new layout.

Friday, 18 April 2014

Let's talk buildings

First up is the Station building. This was the very first model building I attempted for the layout. I knew if I couldn't make this building then the whole plan was not going to work. After several attempts at the roof  eventually I managed a passable job . I think!  . So the model represents that Station building in its pre extended form. In my opinion a nicer looking building. I added interior lighting. The job now is a re paint and upgrade a little. Otherwise 15 years old and still in good shape.

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

The Up end baseboard

This left hand section of the layout is the part to be re modelled to provide a line off to the left rather than to the right. It's an awkward reverse curve and that needs sorting out!

Let's ignore the white plaster look! Rock areas in progress. Note also the horrible orange colour that I used for the base colour! Things need to improve. Having said that these baseboards are in good shape after 14 years! 

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Goods yard Baseboard

The goods yard baseboard is shown here - the lightest and smallest of the three. Plenty of work yet. 

The goods shed shown is not yet finished - here is the goods shed . It has a removable roof . 

Monday, 14 April 2014

Station baseboard

Lynton station has 3 baseboards.  Each board is light enough to be picked up by one person and fit through the loft hatch. I've now made a simple resting shelf in the garage above my work bench. I can now work on each board at leisure in the house or garage. The layout was originally designed for operation from behind with an integral control panel. I'm now working on bringing a dual control panel to the front so will enable operating from the front and enable further layout modules to be built. For now here are the old boards in their state of distress. At the top right as you look at the picture you can see the area where the control panel is currently. I didn't make this very easy to access - to make a new connection involved gently pulling up the scenery - looks a mess doesn't it!  The new main line PECO points have also been  put in place - some new ballasting is required.
    Main station board

Friday, 11 April 2014

A brand new start

Hello !
Welcome to the Lynton Station blog!
I decided I'd try and share my modelling efforts as I gradually rebuild my  Lynton station layout that I originally started way back in 2001. Lynton station will be very familiar to those with an interest in narrow gauge railways and perhaps needs no introduction. This model in 4 mm scale is based on Lynton in the period 1920-  1935. I began this model back in 2001 and unfortunately progress has been slow whilst my young family grew up. I'm hoping now to breathe new life into the model and re -model it's layout as well as update it . This blog will show every twist and turn and I hope you enjoy the posts . I'll try to post as  often as possible .