Monday, 14 April 2014

Station baseboard

Lynton station has 3 baseboards.  Each board is light enough to be picked up by one person and fit through the loft hatch. I've now made a simple resting shelf in the garage above my work bench. I can now work on each board at leisure in the house or garage. The layout was originally designed for operation from behind with an integral control panel. I'm now working on bringing a dual control panel to the front so will enable operating from the front and enable further layout modules to be built. For now here are the old boards in their state of distress. At the top right as you look at the picture you can see the area where the control panel is currently. I didn't make this very easy to access - to make a new connection involved gently pulling up the scenery - looks a mess doesn't it!  The new main line PECO points have also been  put in place - some new ballasting is required.
    Main station board

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