Sunday, 8 May 2016

Coaling stage

I've made the coaling stage using Plastikard and a plaster casting of a coaling stage. The model still needs painting and weathering

 but here it is posed with the engine shed. The engine shed is not as yet finished and is also posed. I received a very helpful comment on the previous post that would suggest the cowlings were not conical but perhaps a pyramid shape.

Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Screw - fix

The cowling on the engine shed vents has caused me a little thinking. Until I saw on my workbench a small screw sitting base up. Now if I could just have the top part of the screw this might do. So armed with table vice and hacksaw the end result wasn't too bad. In the pictures below I've only posed the vent cover on the model. Since then I've inserted a small plastic rod into the Philips head of the screw driver and pushed this into the cut off biro I used as the actual pipe out of the engine roof shed. Some super glue made all good. So please ignore the general wonkiness of the cowling in the picture as the finished item(s) do look straight . Maybe a little oversized to be honest but one can count rivets too much.