Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Heljan L&B locomotive models on show

This weekend was the Warley Model railway exhibition and always a highlight of the year for me. I took some pictures of the Heljan Lynton locomotive model stock at the NEC and I had a chance to speak to the helpful  Heljan team . They say the locomotive models will be in the shops in February 2017 . The first models are of 2 in Southern Livery and one in late period pre Southern independent livery. Heljan are planning to release further variants if the sales go well such that all locomotives will be available in each of the 2 liveries that were on show. Discussion was also had on the original variants and again , don't quote me , but could be a possibility. I asked about Lew and there is a tentative plan to also bring out this version. As regards the  loading gauge, comments have been made as to whether these models might be slightly over scale? Noticeable when posed next to Peco coaches. However I notice my Backwoods models also stand a little proud of the Peco coaches  when these locomotive models were posed next to the Peco L&B coaches . Although we can't measure these models in an exhibition setting, for me I'm convinced the Peco coaches are sitting slightly too low. 
I share here a few of the photographs I took. The finish of these examples was very high. The paint finish is not high gloss but a very appealing satin finish . I was also very impressed by the lining, especially on Yeo in the mid-period L&B colour scheme. The dome also looks " right " and much better than the squeezed Backwoods version which I always cringe slightly at when looking at my own models . Well done Heljan and with DCC on board and at an affordable price I'm sure these will sell well. As an aside, if these models do sell well Heljan were saying other 4mm scale models of narrow gauge  could be on the plans ! 
I was told Peco will be doing a full review in the Railway Modeller January edition.