Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Taw and Yeo test train

As mentioned in the previous post  Yeo and Taw made the inaugural runs into the station. All went well.

The previous post had not allowed me to post picture of the event so here we are ...

Monday, 20 October 2014

Track Gang

As reported in the previous post some work was required on the track alignment into the fiddle yard. The track I had laid was re -used track. This had a join in the middle of the curve. So lessons learnt. This was causing the track gauge to widen. So a new piece of  Pritchards finest was laid and progress was made. I used Tracksetta 15 inch to just fit into the newly cut baseboards. As you can see,this means the track is right on the edge of the baseboard such that I will really need to build up the edge slightly when I landscape the hillside. This did give me some heart stopping moments when I ran Taw  light engine for the first time. However all was good. Next I ran Yeo with one , then two and then three Peco coaches . Phew again.... all good . Finally as a moment to savour, I drew Taw in and she ran very smoothly at very low speed and then drawing out of Lynton with a 2 coach train and into the fiddle yard. A big moment and all is well .

Sunday, 19 October 2014

It's Taw right

Fresh back from Eastleigh ( Brian loves workshop) is Taw. Brian has listed the jobs he performed to get her back in shape as follows,
1- cleaned wheels
2- cleaned and adjusted the pick ups.
3- washed out the chassis with ISO  propyl Alcohol and as a result then re painted the chassis ( colour matched mixed paint).
4- Re - soldered on the return cranks.
5- checked and ran chassis.
6- fitted foot steps under the tanks.
7- refitted chimney ( again) - came off in the post. Return however was good !
8 - straightened and painted cab roof.
9- touched up nicks and scratches on the body.
10- fiited a crew ( Dart Castings )
11 - fitted side windows in cab and blackened the side windows .

So thank you Brian, fantastic job . I gave her a test run on the newly laid track. Now up to his point only my model of Russell had negotiated the newly laid track and all seemed well. With Taw however the longer wheel base pointed out some flaws. Not only the longer wheel base was a cause. I noticed that Taw had much larger pony wheels compared to the other backwoods models of Yeo and Exe. This was causing the pony wheels to hit the front plates. However I did think that realignment of the track could be a solution. So the next job will be to post the modifications made to the track. For now a picture of Taw " back in Steam" .

Sunday, 12 October 2014

Progress is made

Further progress this weekend on the baseboards. The backscene at the goods shed end and some tidying up under the boards armed with spirit level , screwdriver and plenty of tea and coffee! It doesn't look as though much has progressed but several enjoyable hours spent aligning the boards and making sure all was robust. The next stage was to lay the final piece of track into the fiddle yard. It all looks a total mess at present around the track as I've taken apart so much of the original , but in my mind I can see the road ahead. The track  is all wired up again and all working. The steam sound is working and to show progress the works diesel enters the station ( well I realise no such engine ever existed in reality) . The works train draws into Lytnon with a stranger waiting in the bay. Yes I couldn't resist digging out my model of Russell as the new rebuild of the actual Russell has just been completed in Porthmadog. I can now move back to the road alignment at the front of the station and the hillside on the station exit to the fiddle yard. Lots to do ......but a great step forward. More to follow soon....

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Chimney Pots

Now then.... Not rivet counting but bordering on the same kind of railway madness theme and that's Pots .. Chimney pots.
The original station had some very distinctive chimney pots ( oh dear ....what's happening to me? )
As you can see they are quite complicated little things . Two feet high and attempting to make these ..well .. Beyond me.
Welcome 3 D printing ! I hopefully that I can have these as well as the tricky finals made by this process... More soon.

Monday, 6 October 2014

World War 1 and Lynton station

The Summer edition of the Lynton & Barnstaple Railway Magazine has a very topical front cover and inside story of the men of Lynton setting off on the first stage of their journey to the Western Front from Barnstaple station . Very effectively imagined by the wonderful art of Eric Leslie.
I also had the chance recently to visit the Moseley railway trust WW1 themed weekend at Apedale Valley light railway. It was a really enjoyable day and I was surprised by the amount of activities that had been arranged . I hope the following photographs give some flavour of the day. This has inspired me to re-build an old original 4 mm scale Gem Baldwin ( kit - circa 1975? ) that I had once built but taken apart due to frustration with my build quality back then. Maybe I'll post a picture if it turns out any better. Anyway here are some photos of the day.

Friday, 3 October 2014

Lynton station lamp huts

Lynton station under Southern ownership installed a few generic service buildings. The signal cabin being one , widely seen on the Southern network. In addition 2 lamp huts were also added to support the station requirements. One was situated near to the signal cabin and the other by the goods shed.
I was contemplating making these models in plastic until by chance noticed that these are now available as kits via the new and innovative method of 3 D printing. I've ordered two of these and will report soon.