Sunday, 19 October 2014

It's Taw right

Fresh back from Eastleigh ( Brian loves workshop) is Taw. Brian has listed the jobs he performed to get her back in shape as follows,
1- cleaned wheels
2- cleaned and adjusted the pick ups.
3- washed out the chassis with ISO  propyl Alcohol and as a result then re painted the chassis ( colour matched mixed paint).
4- Re - soldered on the return cranks.
5- checked and ran chassis.
6- fitted foot steps under the tanks.
7- refitted chimney ( again) - came off in the post. Return however was good !
8 - straightened and painted cab roof.
9- touched up nicks and scratches on the body.
10- fiited a crew ( Dart Castings )
11 - fitted side windows in cab and blackened the side windows .

So thank you Brian, fantastic job . I gave her a test run on the newly laid track. Now up to his point only my model of Russell had negotiated the newly laid track and all seemed well. With Taw however the longer wheel base pointed out some flaws. Not only the longer wheel base was a cause. I noticed that Taw had much larger pony wheels compared to the other backwoods models of Yeo and Exe. This was causing the pony wheels to hit the front plates. However I did think that realignment of the track could be a solution. So the next job will be to post the modifications made to the track. For now a picture of Taw " back in Steam" .

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