Monday, 20 October 2014

Track Gang

As reported in the previous post some work was required on the track alignment into the fiddle yard. The track I had laid was re -used track. This had a join in the middle of the curve. So lessons learnt. This was causing the track gauge to widen. So a new piece of  Pritchards finest was laid and progress was made. I used Tracksetta 15 inch to just fit into the newly cut baseboards. As you can see,this means the track is right on the edge of the baseboard such that I will really need to build up the edge slightly when I landscape the hillside. This did give me some heart stopping moments when I ran Taw  light engine for the first time. However all was good. Next I ran Yeo with one , then two and then three Peco coaches . Phew again.... all good . Finally as a moment to savour, I drew Taw in and she ran very smoothly at very low speed and then drawing out of Lynton with a 2 coach train and into the fiddle yard. A big moment and all is well .

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