Monday, 17 April 2017

Making The Outback models Goods Shed

It is  two years since I purchased the Outback Model set of the Lynton models. At the time I had already made substantial progress with my own models of both the Station building and the goods shed. My own models are based on pre Southern extension to the Station building circa 1927 and modest changes to the goods shed around 1928. The Outback model set represents the post 1927 alterations. I now think with having two possible sets of buildings I could perhaps create two time periods on the layout , as per the model of Chelfham by Bob Barnard shown at the recent Rainford exhibition .The hardest and most time consuming aspect of renovating the Station model was always going to be the buildings. The Outback models represent a very convenient way to save time as well as hopefully being enjoyable to build. Ive made a start on the goods shed this week and pleased to say  that I've not been disappointed at all with the quality of this kit. The kit comes as laser cut components complete with windows ( very nice) as well as printed paper and details such as the extended chimney , which seems to be a resin  cast. Very clear colour instructions are in pdf which were uploaded to my ipad so as to be conveniently placed near to my work.Within less than an hour the basic construction was assembled. Using the supplied high quality paper stone work was also applied easily using a Prit Stick applicator. The card components were glued using "Rocket " card glue. However, although the stone work paper supplied in the kit fitted perfectly I was now beginning to have too many different stone styles between my other buildings. To remedy this I decided to create my own stone paper as previously done. Using photographs of the actual stonework off the goods shed and by cut and paste in " pages" on my ipad I soon constructed my own stone paper and reapplied this to the model. Overall I'm very pleased with the progress so far and I look forward to finishing this kit and then making the Station building kit.

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  1. Unfortunately this thread seems to have stopped suddenly. Has there been any progress in the last 18 months?