Saturday, 15 April 2017

Heljan and Bachman

Modelling in 009 these days has become very well supported by the main stream suppliers. At Rainford,aside from being able to see close up the new Manning Wardles,soon to be available by Heljan , we also saw pre -production prototypes of the forthcoming Baldwin models by Bachmann. The Baldwin models are of the class 10-12D designed and used extensively during the First World War and as surplus after the war used on Narrow gauge lines. The models here represent Hummy and Peggy as in the Ashover Light Railway condition as well as the famous " 590" on the Welsh Highland Railway. I'm sure you'll agree these are fine looking models and a far cry from the days of white metal. Will we as modellers miss such modelling joy? Now all I need is more pocket money and a model of Ashover ... Or the Welsh Highland .....oh dear .... Distraction , distraction.



Shown here are some further pictures I took of the Heljan model and of the Baldwins. 

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