Saturday, 15 April 2017

A busy day at Rainford

A biannual event is a 009 society model show in Rainford, Cheshire coupled with an AGM by the 009 society.Although this was 2 weeks ago now I can share a few pictures here.
Bob Barnard and the North West area L&B group was kindly invited to attend with a Trust stand,where the aim is to broaden the public awareness to the new railway and to encourage new members and to sell a few L&B products along the way generating income for the trust. As a centre piece to the Trust stand Bob had brought along his newly completed and very nice cameo layout of Chelfham station. The model took centre stage on the stand and created a great deal more interest in the activities of the trust as a consequence. The layout is a compression of Chelfham to fit a smaller space, such as the Trust stand, and is built so it can be viewed either side. In addition, Bob has created the model to show the L&B station in its two distinct ownership periods. Two fiddle yards are either side of the station operated by cassette systems shown below. A well attended show made for a busy days operating and we are pleased to see the stand also generate welcome income for the Trust.

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