Sunday, 12 October 2014

Progress is made

Further progress this weekend on the baseboards. The backscene at the goods shed end and some tidying up under the boards armed with spirit level , screwdriver and plenty of tea and coffee! It doesn't look as though much has progressed but several enjoyable hours spent aligning the boards and making sure all was robust. The next stage was to lay the final piece of track into the fiddle yard. It all looks a total mess at present around the track as I've taken apart so much of the original , but in my mind I can see the road ahead. The track  is all wired up again and all working. The steam sound is working and to show progress the works diesel enters the station ( well I realise no such engine ever existed in reality) . The works train draws into Lytnon with a stranger waiting in the bay. Yes I couldn't resist digging out my model of Russell as the new rebuild of the actual Russell has just been completed in Porthmadog. I can now move back to the road alignment at the front of the station and the hillside on the station exit to the fiddle yard. Lots to do ......but a great step forward. More to follow soon....

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