Saturday, 10 May 2014

More on the Goods Shed

Work is progressing on finishing the painting of the goods shed. I've decided -after some deliberation - as to the possible colour scheme in the first 2 or 3 years after the Souhern ownership began -to adopt said company's paint scheme to my buildings . The exception to this will be the engine shed . I am taking the view ( with no factual proof) that the engine shed was not repainted immediately as a necessity. So instead only the goods shed and station building will be in the Southern style on my layout. The model of the goods shed, as last painted , was still in need of finishing .
            Recent new work has been to add mortar courses and add the first coat of Southern green and cream. I used Humbrol paints for this , the green is code 131 and the cream is code 103 . Clearly a second coat is required.
         After all the mortar is painted in I will attempt to mute all the colours with thin grey washes to tone it down. Here is the goods shed so far in a semi -finished state. This can be compared to how the shed was in just grey primer from an earlier post.  The pictures were taken using my phone and has given the roof and the brickwork a very lurid red look. It doesn't look like this under normal lighting . I think I will revert to the trusty SLR in future posts.

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