Friday, 27 June 2014

Lynton ground frame cabin

Well a start made on the tiny lever frame signal box at Lynton. Management procrastinated a while on how to construct this - card ? Plastic?  Fortunately some wills  sheets were found and a start made . Using the Bible  ( Measured and drawn ) a good start was had in just a couple of hours. The Bible  -according to Mr. Phillips - was in scale 7mm. Photo reduction by 57% and we have a tiny drawing to 4mm scale . X - Acto tool to hand and off we go. 2 hours later - and boy those wills sheets are thick - a promising start and away from my usual card modelling - why did the management put this off for so long ?
The signal box was of standard Southern Railway design , cropping up on the system in various locations.The ground frame box at Lynton being erected in 1925. Here are a couple of pictures to show its location . 

 No suitable models were available -until recently that is with one produced by Outback models ( see earlier post) as a part of their Lynton model set . I also noticed Kernow   models taking advance orders for a Bachman version. However this would be slightly different as the station name board on the Bachman model is fixed as a part of the Model in the wrong place for it to be the same as the Lynton cabin. Unless you are a purist I'm sure no one would mind! 

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