Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Putting a lid on it.

A little more progress this weekend with the coal shed. After some debate by the management (me) , I decided to stick with the Noch paper. The walls have been thickened by laminating with more card which gives a much better feel to the shed and now looks more purposeful.The corrugated roof has also been added in slaters plasticard. As with the stone effect for the walls,how to complete the roof was also a debate at management level. I looked at the spare sheets of Willls corrugated sheets I have and noticed how thick they are , to my eye potentially making the roof just way too thick. I judged to myself that in such a model too many small pieces of corrugated sheeting would also look too fussy ( see earlier pictures for proof of this) . So, instead - 3 lateral strips of Slatersplasticard  looks better says the management . The roof is removable as I wish to add interior items. Guttering added from the Ratio gutters and down pipes set.
I am quite pleased in the end to finish this as this was a very utilitarian and ,quite frankly , boring building which resulted in me being uninspired to even start it.
So with the roof on and only requiring painting I have now closed that job off the list. Now then -how about that signal box or lamp hut......

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