Sunday, 15 June 2014

The coal shed

I've had very little time for modelling lately, something I'm sure all of us experience . The Summer is here , the grass is growing and of course we have to work to fund our hobbies. Anyway some progress on the coal shed. Again using the excellent book of " Measured and drawn " for dimensions. Some of the problem is there are no photographs that show the full coal shed. The drawing produced are therefore  based on some conjecture as the author of rhe book acknowledges. So without any better evidence I began my model.
 My modelling of my buildings follows a tried and trusted method of using a card basis to which I then add the plastic card outer. When I first used this technique some years ago I found modelling in card somewhat easier than using a plastic shell. My only concern was that they would warp in time. This has not happened in all the years the station model has been in the loft . The loft can vary in extremes of temperature ,but so far the models retain good shape - unlike  myself who is beginning to show definite wobbly signs as I get older.
So I'm happy to model the basic structure in card and face in plastic. This time I might however face in paper having tried this process with Barnstaple station recently.Anyway here is the modest progress made on the coal shed. I'll think about how to face the building ,

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