Friday, 18 July 2014

You've been framed

Further work on the ground frame cabin has involved several areas. I was not happy with the roof I had created using Wills slate roofing. Simply put - the  thickness of the sheets was making the roof look incorrect . I tried shaving some thickness off the sides with a file but this then made the sheet too thin to withstand handling. In the end I resorted to using scale scenes paper sheets. These can be downloaded once for a modest fee and re printed time and time again. Nice ! The paper sheets were supported by much thinner plastic . I found it possible to glue the paper to the plastic with plastic glue ! A small rebate was formed on the wall sides to enable the roof to sit inside the frame of the roofline. This enabled me to have a roof that can be taken off so I can detail the interior. I then made a start on the front window frames. These were made by laminating the Strip Styrene code 123 together for the lower parts of the frame ( the thicker lower width part ) and for the vertical framing laminating vertical strips of code 121 together . For the inside frames code 121 was again used but this time side on matching then the thickeness of the horizontal and vertical framing. The process is shown below. I have also painted a first coat of Humbrol code 103 . In fact this single coat gives a rather pleasing weathered look already to the ground frame . Guttering and down pipes were added from a Wills accessory kit. I hope to progress the opening side windows next .

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