Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Look what arrived in the post .

The management took the opportunity to acquire a new locomotive recently when an  opportunity arose on eBay . Being a little bit of an autocratic and spontaneous type of management structure ( not a matrix structure ) the new engine purchase was made rather sharpish. The sharp part being  employed should the new engine -heaven forbid -be bought also in same haste by a rival railway system.
Financial (funds, dosh , currency ) were gathered and approved from the " emergency in haste on eBay it won't come around again  like this - honest " authorities.
Unfortunately what arrived in the post was a bit of a sorry story. The Management however are quite relaxed that the engineering department can make good again and also cast no blame on the supplier who responded in a very professional and quick manner. So eBay purchases of a similar nature might indeed be possible ( once the emergency eBay funds are in the black again) from same supplier. Anyway here is what arrived . 

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