Thursday, 3 July 2014


Locomotive Lyn was supplied to the L&B to rectify a shortage on the locomotive department in the first year of the railways operation. At the time of this requirement there was an engineering strike in this country or simply the British engineers could not supply quickly enough. Either way  the order for a new locomotive was placed overseas with the Baldwin locomotive company of Philadelphia and was delivered as a "kit"in 1898 to Pilton works where she was assembled . She was first steamed July 23rd 1898. She bore the makers number as 15965 named Lyn, but affectionately referred to as the "Yankee ", she was indeed the only American built locomotive to run within the Southern group. The Original  livery from 1898 -1903 was a very dark green,lined in gold and after 1903 being in the same holly green as the other Locomotives until it's eventual overhaul in Eastleigh from where she returned in January 1929 in Southern style Maunsell green with the Southern number 762. It is in this guise that my first model of Lyn appears.
The Model is Langley with the Graham Farish chassis.

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