Sunday, 22 February 2015

Lynton Landscaping

This weekend a couple of hours has seen me create the road below the Bay platform and some landscaping.
The road way section was formed using plywood with artist card on top to create a suitable surface for the road.
Profiling of the drop from the bay to the road was achieved using squared wire and a covering of my preferred us of mod roc ( plaster bandaging) . Although this method does add more weight to the module than say polystyrene cut to shape, I believe it to be a much more robust method. To be honest I've never used the polystyrene foam method,but I have heard of how this becomes a nightmare to work with due to its static properties . Cleaning up afterwards must be very difficult.
After completing the road  I repaired the section of hillside at the back of the layout where the control panel used to be . I took the opportunity at the same time to re- profile this a little better. The hole you can just see above this repair will be lost when the top covering of hanging basket liner is fixed in place and some static grass applied. In addition this area above the station had quite a lot of bushes which will need to be placed yet. For now the landscape will remain basic until the remainder of the layout is scenically prepared.
Line side fencing etc. all to follow.
The backscene will be redone as a last stage when the landscaping is near completion. Presently it looks quite poor but this will improve.

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