Saturday, 14 February 2015

Coach detailing

A little while ago now I bought some Langley coaches from eBay. They were a snatch at less than 20 pounds for the pair. However although the assembly was good there was much to do to make them look right. The exterior paint finish was very nice , the interior a little clumsy , but I decided this I can live with.
First I added some new Langley bogies to each model and these are of course correct for the model but as with all Langley models the ride height is high. However this keeps a uniform look with my other Langley coaches .
I have painted the window frames and added smoking and non smoking signs from HM transfers. The destination board is resized on my ipad notes from a picture of the actual destination boards and glued to very thin plasticard .
The curtains were again from a picture of curtains resized on ipad notes cut to size and glued in position . The overall improvement to the original purchase I'm quite pleased with . Still need to populate the coaches and secure the roof. 

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