Friday, 2 January 2015

Shine a light

The CWR 3-D printed lamp huts arrived a little while ago and I have only just now got around to the construction. The build is very simple indeed and in fact I very impressed with how well the parts went together.

Usually, in plastic, such small models would require as much time to clean off the excess flash as the time taken to assemble. In this case I need not have worried. All the parts on dry assembly were a perfect fit except for the doors which required slight filing. I bought 2 kits as Lynton station had two, one near the goods shed and one adjacent to the ground frame. In  a mere 10 minutes both huts were assembled using the recommended usage of super glue. I've left one of the lamp huts with its door slightly open. The model kits are supplied ready with a primer . All that's left is to paint and add my etched signs provided by Narrow Planet .

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