Tuesday, 20 January 2015


The engine Lew was the last Manning Wardle supplied to the line and arrived in Southern Green livery.
My model , as with Taw, is built on a Minitrix chassis . Both Lew and Taw are my original two home -made locomotives . Taw was built from the Rodney Stenning kit and Lew from the Roger Chivers kits. They are both now celebrating 15 years of life !
Compared to the latest kits I have by Backwoods they do show their vintage , but they are of some sentimental value to me and,as seen with Taw, I'm steadily trying to improve their looks.
Lew was an improvement for me in modelling terms as I used transfer lining instead of the bow pen as used on Taw. I hope this is evident from the pictures. Later this year we should see the offering of Heljans ready to run models which will, no doubt, make my efforts seem very antiquated.
Anyway for me there's more satisfaction in the build. However as Lew will not be in Heljans plans for the foreseeable future Lew will have to represented by my modest model .


  1. Recent 3 posts are really nice David. Always good to be watching your progress.

  2. Thanks for the feedback Mike ! Glad you enjoy my ramblings..