Wednesday, 28 January 2015

New project - Woody Bay

I've been quite busy lately with making some minor improvements to my locomotive rolling stock .......but there is a pressing matter to attend to.
Recently  Bachmann produced a " narrow gauge railway station " in a "kind of "4mm scale .
Based on Woody Bay this model is passable as such but is clearly not, as I've mentioned before, a scale model .
Outback Models in Australia have already produced models of all the buildings at Lynton , the  exception only being the cast concrete lamp huts .
Now that is done they have now invested considerable time in producing a model kit in laser cut card of Woody Bay. Presently Outback still don't know if they will release this kit but after some badgering by the Lynton station management they have kindly sent me a pre release kit for review.

Now I have to apologise in advance that as my engine improvements were in full swing this took a slight back seat . However I'm determined now to have a close look at the model kit and this will occupy my energies from hereon.

First up is a picture of how Outback have posed their completed sample. Mine arrived very promptly and looks already much more the scale model those of us require for a satisfactory Woody Bay.

 I intend to harmonise this model with that of my home made models of Lynton , and to achieve  this I will not use the stone paper or the roof paper supplied with the kit but use plastic card as per my other models. In the mock up below you will notice the chimney pots are not in their correct placing but  this should be easily rectified. Together also with my 3- D chimney pots arranged with Narrow Planet I hope to show how Woody Bay can be made with this kit.

So anyway let's see how the mock up looks to begin with ,


  1. I'm looking forward to seeing the chimney pots in place on a building. So far I've only seen them in isolation as I've currently nothing on my workbench to test them against.

  2. Hi Mark,
    I'm hoping to add these soon to my model of Lynton Station and will of course post pictures . Thanks , David