Sunday, 18 October 2015

New front door

Today I've been making doors. Not exactly riveting stuff but I think they look much better than my previous cardboard attempts on my original engine shed. I'm trying to improve my modelling all the time with each new project. This door alone took me 2 hours of plastic scribing. I used wills Tongue and groove boarding for the basic shape. However the Wills sheets only have this on one side. For the inside face of the door I used a scribing tool to create the impression of the boarding. Evergreen strip was used for the interior frame strengthening. Details are made from platicard offcuts left over from making the window sills of the engine shed. In the final picture I have simply posed the door in place .


  1. Really nice job on the door(s), David. How have you managed to stop any warping? I have to remake mine as they warped with the various styrene parts added.

  2. Hi Mike - many thanks !
    So far so good, I think the Wills sheets are so thick they won't warp ( only time will tell) . David .