Thursday, 4 September 2014

Flat out !

So now I'm back after the annual holidays I'm keen to make some impression on getting the baseboards in some semblance of order. All that lying around in the Sun gives you time to think..... Quite some time has been spent idling through old photographs of the area around Lynton to see how I can try and capture this. I wish to set the station on the hillside , as it was and not on the flat ( see previous posts)
One other factor to consider is one of logistics and how practical this can be in a limited space.  I can't model a vast expanse of Exmoor for the sake of an artistic Wow factor. No , I have to deal with a loft access that determines just how much of this wilderness I can model whilst trying to create the sense of location . In addition to this , as you have seen in previous  postings ( yes you were paying attention I'm sure) I'm re using ( environmentalists note) the old exit board of the layout.
From this board I rescued my attempt at a typical Lynton overbridge - modelled on Caffyns Halt if I recall correctly and managed to salvage huge great tufts of turf . Well in 4 mm scale these huge tufts of turf represent perhaps one single landowners inheritance in the 1920's but in our world 6 inch squares of hanging basket liner covered in static grass. Some inheritance then.
So the following photographs show that I've trimmed the board back and created the backscene so far.I've  also got round to tidying up the electrics under the board. This was driving me mad with loose wires hanging down . Now they are all neatly covered up and still with easy access for fault finding or repairs. The curve neatly lining up with my old fiddle yard. Hours of work , but somehow so little to see. You can see my old control panel on the back of the station board. I intend to bring this back slightly upright so I can add a second scenic board to this one also. My idea is the back scene boards will have lining paper added to them to cover any gaps as well as scenery faced into them. To create the curved backscene on the exit I used stiff artists card screwed to the supports bent into shape slightly. So quite a mess at present and that's part of the problem of re doing a layout I guess that is over 10 years old . In my head I have a plan that's coming together slowly . Hindered in development by being side tracked onto other interesting narrow gauge projects ( Welshpool , Leek and Mainfold ) but I digress
The  result of my pondering on the gradient and hillside will have to follow. More thinking - but this time in rain soaked Cheshire .

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