Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Rip it up and start again

In previous posts I described how I wish to produce a more realistic departure from the station and enable the scenery to drop down below rail level giving a truer impression of the station on a hillside ( see the post " going round the bend " Friday 13 th June) . Well I have made some progress in that direction as the following pictures show - and in the space of a few hours demolished my previous half finished scenery and sketched out how the exit could appear. The funny little yellow lines you see are not double " no parking " lines but chalk to help guide me for future cutting down of the board. I have used a black and white photograph of Lynton station to gauge the amount of base board that I will cut back. In some ways quite sad to rip apart something that at the time I was obviously pleased with but at the same time a grin on my face that I'm sure any demotion expert must have as the ball and chain strikes. At this stage it's not a pretty site is it. However I'm looking forward to reproducing an impression of the famous views seen in old black and white photographs.

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