Sunday, 3 August 2014

Behind the scenes

Well I'm not sure why the management team decided this was required but built it was. "A fiddle yard is but a standard for any layout boy ". Well for those about to entertain the general public but in my case ? Well... I have to go back to the NEC Warley 2012 to explain . Helping to exhibit Bob Barnards excellent layout Barnstaple to Pilton required a fiddle yard to be built in time for the Warley show- was it really 2 years ago? Having a future need for my own layout I duly set about it. The result wasn't exactly a disaster but I do feel that had I cross examined my fellow exhibitors a little more harshly I can imagine they did not think this was the best piece  of woodworking they had encountered . Anyway with a bit of adaptation this will be used as the fiddle yard on my Lynton layout. Oh and yes that's me helping at the show.

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