Saturday, 13 August 2016

Baseboards build up

Here are  a few photographs of my model of Lynton showing progress on the south station board. I've had limited access to the layout ( in the loft) lately so I decided to take apart the 3 sections and bring this South section down into the garage . Whilst the weather was nice I was able to do some more work on this section outside . The loft is unbearably hot in the Summer. I've made progress on the engine shed and located it in position so that it is removable. The whole of the section needs the landscape forming and the track ballasting etc. However crude as it looks now, I'm beginning to see how it will turn out. I've purchased a static grass applicator and looking forward to using it soon. This is a new technique for me so will try it out first on my new little module of Ashover Butts station that I've also been busy making lately. Although not shown in these photographs the engine shed doors have now been painted and hinges added etc. Once this section is progressed a little more I hope to share some more pictures. I do hope that what you see is beginning to look something like the real location. He hopes! 
If you follow my progress on the blog I also apologise for lack of progress mainly due to lack of time lately. I can see some windows of modelling opportunity opening up in the coming weeks ! I guess this is a problem we all share as well.