Thursday, 10 September 2015

Shed takes shape

Further work on the shed has seen the Pizza tray take on a new more meaningful purpose in life.
In fact I've been quite pleased with using this way of making a building as an experiment. At times there were delicate stages, such as the Evostick melting the wall, or the door uprights in danger of going their separate ways . But in the end , as more and more plastic was added , the whole thing rose up in the cook like a pizza base should. Management is so far very pleased.


  1. Looking Good David. I hope you haven't done what I did and not take into account the extra height of model track. I had to raise my shed to compensate for that otherwise no stock would run through it.
    Interesting use of the Pizza! Have you patented that idea?! What are you going to use for the stone walls? I used one of Scalescenes papers and I'm very pleased with it. Keep up the good work.

  2. Thanks Mike. The model is already embossed in the pictures above with random stone by Slaters to match up with my other buildings. Yes it's a close shave on the height !