Monday, 6 April 2015

Coach and a Hot Tin Roof.

I'm taking time out from upgrading Lynton Station building to focus a little more on Rolling Stock. I tend to find my energy spent on one subject becomes lower after a while and I need a change of subject. I've 2 coaches that I bought on eBay some time ago. So far I've added Smoking / no smoking signs, painted the window frames and changed the bogies. Curtains have been added to one coach. Apparently only a few of the coaches had curtains. As reported in a previous blog the curtains were made by downloading images of a yellow curtain and printing these onto paper. To give the effect of use these are placed in the windows at odd spacing to give the impression that some are pushed back , others not.
These Langley coaches have a system for locking the roof in place by means of a brass T section. The models I'm upgrading here have been built without this locking system and relied on compact adhesive ( and plenty of it judging by the amount I had to scrape away). I wished to be able to access the interior again so instead of re gluing I've used plastic section to lock the roof into place. Not the most perfect , closest fit but for now this will suffice. I aim to repaint the roofing and experiment also with using tissue paper to give a better look to the metal roof. Acetylene gas pipes also need to be added as per the originals circa 1910-1912.
I've also painted up some Merten figures in subdued 1930's colours to seat in the coaches. As these are HO scale I've had to add some plastic blocks to their bums to raise them above the coach waist. Cheery lot aren't they ?

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