Monday, 1 December 2014

Inside Outside

Whilst at the NEC exhibition, I had a browse at the 009 society stand. In one of their cabinets a rather nice model of a Vale of Rheidol locomotive caught my eye. It had been made with the white metal Chivers Kit and used the recommended Minitrix 2-6-2 chassis.What caught my attention was the impression of the outside frame chassis. This had been achieved by inserting 5 thou plasticard inbetween the Con Rods  and the inside frame as  shown here. 
Now I have 3 locomotives made with the excellent Backwoods kits and yes, I know that Heljan are to release their models in 2015 of the Lynton Locomotives ,but I still have Lew and Taw made with the same inside frame chassis on Rodney Stenning and Chivers bodies. Struck me I might was well have a go myself. 
So I have made a start, as follows. I'm not sure how the end result will be but let's see. In addition to this modification I've also invested in a Graham Farish outside framed diesel and have bought the connecting rods from RT models so I have another option that will be progressed in due course. Let's see how these 2 ideas work out. 

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