Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Pull the other one

Excuse the stupid title, but how else to compare two signal boxes ?  I've had some time to make a final push to finish my signal cabin for Lynton station recently.
Some time ago I also made an up front commitment to buy the then soon -to -be -released Kernow model of a Southern style signal cabin. At the time of making this up-front commitment I wasn't sure I was going to be capable of producing the signal cabin myself. I did think the Kernow model might make a decent close interpretation instead of a home build. Several months passed by and no sign of the  Kernow model ( delays in China?) so I set about building my own. As you can see in a previous thread, making my own cabin wasn't as difficult as I had envisaged .
Then arrives the Kernow model and the pictures below justify, I feel, in committing to making my own. They are quite different beasts and,as my own model is based on drawings from  " measured and Drawn " I think I'm pleased with the result. The inside has a lever frame, wooden floor and a clock. I've positioned the cabin on a simple diorama base enabling me to add this to my station model and remove as I wish.The final job will be some simple weathering . Anyway, for comparison, the two signal cabins side by side.

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