Sunday, 12 December 2021

 A very long overdue update 

 I cannot quite believe my last post was January 2020. Unfortunately my old series 2 I Pad crashed some time ago and this was my "Go 2 " for updates to the Blog. I've managed to rescue  the poor old thing today and  thought it was about time  I posted a little update on the layout.  I have been quite busy both on the home front , DIY and work but also fortunately, for sanity, with much  modelling.

First on the list was that during the first lockdown I decided to try and replicate the coal staithes in the goods yard. There is not very much photographic evidence to model from and the trusted bible "Measured and Drawn does not cover this either, but from the few photographs that do exist I managed to conjure up my best efforts seen here. 


As you can  see there is much more detailing required yet, and the ballasting will wait until everything runs as smoothly as possible. All of which brings me to my next topic;  I've spent an enormous amount of time improving  the running of  the line and also adding a further control panel to the front of the layout. My "Master Plan 2021"  is to move the whole layout to the back wall of the loft giving me far less back ache and easier access to extend the layout in the future .So,  all of this will follow in my next posts. Until then.........     

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  1. Very nice to see you back again. Your modelling is an inspiration.